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Wholesale CBD Distributor Big Sky Scientific is helping communities thrive.

As a reliable wholesale CBD distributor, Big Sky Scientific maintains a reputation for delivering quality wholesale CBD at an affordable price. The 2018 Farm Bill legalized industrial hemp on December 20th, 2018, which allows us to source CBD rich hemp from US farms. We provide that CBD oil wholesale to producers and distributors around the country. From the many local communities that rely on hemp farmers to crop to end consumers who use CBD oil products for a variety of purposes, everybody wins.

We distribute CBD isolate and CBD distillate throughout the USA. As a wholesale CBD distributor, we understand the impact we have and take our role in the market and the community seriously. Our partnered farmers, licensed extractors, and CBD producers can all expect reliable, quality CBD services from us. In fact, our dedicated customer service sets us apart from the competition, so you can rest easy knowing you’ll always be taken care of.

While we work to build a competitive market for reliable, quality CBD, we also buy wholesale hemp from our incredible community of hemp farmers. If you’d like to speak with us about these partnership opportunities, contact us today.


What is a wholesale CBD and what are its benefits?

  • CBD is a phytocannabinoid that is not psychotoxic, unlike THC

  • Could help patients manage depression and anxiety

  • Can help patients who suffer from seizures

  • Potentially helpful in the treatment of many other neurological disorders

Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of the most studied extracts of cannabis sativa, a subspecies of hemp plant. The many available studies have provided a deeper look into the potential benefits of CBD. Some of these studies provide evidence that CBD could be used in the treatment of many neurological disorders. In four trials covering 550 patients, seizures were reduced by as much as 50% or more in over 37% of patients treated with a higher dose of CBD.

CBD is believed to potentially have many more benefits with relatively low risk and no psychotoxic effects. Something that makes it especially desirable in the United States is that it provides these benefits without getting someone high, which allows the focus to remain on the benefits instead of the side effects. We aim to provide wholesale CBD to those who need it, when they need it, so that our community grows stronger every day.

Wholesale CBD Distributors Big Sky Scientific

Wholesale CBD Distributors Big Sky Scientific

What products and services does Big Sky Scientific offer as a wholesale CBD distributor?

  • Wholesale CBD Isolate

  • Wholesale CBD Distillate

  • CBD Formulas for Your Own Products

  • Bulk CBD Ingredients to Make It Easy

Without a reliable supply chain, it can be hard to get by in the CBD business. Luckily, we can meet the needs of your growing business. Whether you need ingredients and formulas or bulk CBD isolate and distillate, we’re happy to provide you what you need. In addition to acting as a hemp purchaser and partnering with extraction facilities to acquire high quality CBD, we produce and distribute CBD isolate, CBD distillate, CBD ingredients, and formulas for your CBD products.

Our bulk CBD ingredients are perfect when you want to make your life easier by using reliable, quality CBD. Our formulas can help anyone with an idea get started quickly. Already have a formula? Our wholesale CBD isolate and wholesale CBD distillate keep you focused on what’s most important to your business: making great products.

All of our CBD products have COAs from third party labs.

Do you or someone you know need a great wholesale CBD distributor? Contact us today and we’ll show you how easy this can be with the right partners!

Where does Big Sky Scientific get its CBD rich hemp?

We proudly support our country and its hard working farmers, so we source our CBD rich hemp from American farms. We offer experience, guidance, seeds and resources to hemp farmers throughout the USA. Big Sky Scientific urges hemp farmers with an interest in farming hemp for CBD to get in touch today to build an incredible relationship with one of the largest industrial hemp buyers in the United States.

These partnerships provide an essential step between the hard working hemp farmers in the United States and the CBD market. You can be assured that Big Sky Scientific will have your best interests at heart as a core part of our business. Together, we can bring the world the CBD it needs for products that help people live fuller, healthier lives.

Hemp Farming for Wholesale CBD

Hemp Farming for Wholesale CBD

Why choose Big Sky Scientific?

When you need CBD, you need it now. You and your customers deserve to know that your products are using quality ingredients from the USA. Whether you’re a hemp farmer or a CBD producer, you have a dream and we can help you achieve it.

Our CBD is extracted from hemp sourced in the USA from American hemp farmers. Our formulas produce quality CBD products, our ingredients make the perfect premix, and our bulk CBD isolate and distillate are the last piece of the puzzle.

All you need to do is contact us to get started today.

American grown means quality and reliability.

Our wholesale CBD distribution process begins by sourcing hemp from local farms in the USA. This means you get high quality American CBD without huge international delays or customs mishaps. We’ll provide you with quick and reliable access to the CBD you need, so you can readily meet the demands of your business.

Buying our CBD isolate wholesale means that you can get as much bulk CBD as you need, when you need it. We work with American farms, so our CBD complies with the 2018 Farm Bill regulations and meets industrial hemp requirements in the USA. Contact us if you have any questions. Let’s grow together!

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